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  • Fact: 85% of families in our California family courts DO NOT HAVE AN ATTORNEY.
    This DOES NOT mean that you should be left to figure it out on your own without help! Divorce Legal Services is a highly trained and well respected group of attorneys and family law professionals dedicated to helping self-represented people successfully navigate the family courts.

  • If you are involved in a family law case, you know how frustrating it can be sort through the maze of paperwork required to complete your case. We can help! Whether you need help filing for your initial divorce, help with child or spousal support orders, or help resolving your custody or visitation issues, we offer the services no one else does. Get the help you need now

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Unbundled Services  

  • Have to go to court, but can't afford a lawyer? We can help!

  • Need an attorney to help resolve custody or financial issues? Access to an excellent family law attorney is just a phone call away!

  • Our family courts are begging attorneys to help self-represented people. Our State Bar has tried to make it easier for attorneys to offer these services, referred to as "unbundling" or "limited scope representation."

  • Unbundled services allow an attorney to help you with specific issues at a fraction of the cost! Pay an attorney for what you really need, not for what you really don't! Whatever you're going to court for, you can hire an attorney who can give you the help you need!

  • Need an attorney in court? We can help!
    You can hire an experienced family law lawyer to handle specific parts of your case, or represent you at court hearings at FAR LESS COST than retaining an attorney to handle your entire family law case!

  • Just like our DOCUMENT PREPARATION SERVICES, our Unbundled Services can be custom tailored to fit your needs. Call NOW, and we WILL give you the answers you need.

Low Cost Alternatives - Document Preparation Services.

  • We can draft your paperwork, and get it right the first time, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a law firm for traditional hourly representation! This is a great option if you cannot afford to hire an attorney, but need to have your paperwork prepared and get your family law case resolved!

  • Do you already have an agreement with your spouse or co-parent, and just need help to get the paperwork completed? Need to file your divorce paperwork, but can't afford a lawyer? Document Preparation may be the perfect solution for you! We offer a number of DOCUMENT PREPARATION SERVICES, and we can tailor those services to fit your needs…and your budget!

  • Call NOW to speak with one of our highly trained case analysts to discuss whether this option is best for you. You WILL save money.

Mediation Services.  

  • What to do if you need help reaching agreement
    Often divorcing couples can reach agreement on most issues, but become "hung up" on others, such as custody, visitation, or support. If you need professional assistance in getting over these hurdles, we offer mediation services where you and your spouse or co-parent can meet with an experienced family law attorney who can offer invaluable assistance in helping you reach agreement. We find that mediation services are very effective in helping families end conflicts, and result in happier, healthier parents and children.

    You WILL be much happier living with an agreement that you reach than you will with orders imposed by a Judge who does not know you, your children, or the circumstances of your family. Take control of your family's future. You'll be glad you did. CALL NOW to speak with our staff to see what we can do for you.

Attorney Consultations - Hire An Attorney To Protect Your Rights.

  • Speak to an attorney TODAY! We offer telephone consultations with an attorney TODAY for as little as $150.00!

  • No matter how simple or complex your family law issues may be, you can speak with an experienced family law attorney who can give you the best advice possible.

  • CALL NOW to speak with our staff and schedule your phone appointment.

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