Low Cost Alternatives - Document Preparation

The Starter Package

This package includes everything you need to start your divorce, whether you need to file and get things started, or whether you need to respond if you've just been served.

Without a doubt the largest hurdle facing self-represented parties is a lack of information about what the court requires in order to move your case toward completion. The bottom line is that the court REQUIRES that certain paperwork be completed and exchanged BEFORE the court can finish your case, and that the LAW REQUIRES you and your spouse to provide specific and detailed financial disclosures to each other BEFORE THE COURT WILL EVEN CONSIDER accepting your agreements, and BEFORE THE COURT WILL CONSIDER beginning the process of resolving the division of your property.

Everything depends on the completion of the financial disclosures. You cannot receive a divorce without completing them.

Our Starter Package is specifically designed to provide you with ALL of the necessary documents to meet these procedural requirements, so you can move on with your case, or in the event of disputes, so that the court may move on with your case. DO NOT get caught in the "trap" of most self represented parties, who do not understand the requirements, and get "stuck" with multiple delays because they cannot jump through these hoops.

With your starter package complete, the "front end" of your divorce is complete. Your paperwork will be completed by our firm, and will meet the necessary procedural requirements to get your case on the road to finality. Judges will thank you for making their jobs easier, and you and your spouse will face far less headache and delay in the completion of your case.

This is one of our most popular packages, and is an extraordinary value which should be seriously considered by any self-represented party going through a divorce.

The Judgment Package

The single most daunting task facing any self-represented party is the preparation of the documents necessary to finalize the divorce. If you and your spouse finally reach an agreement, you must prepare a Stipulated Judgment, which is the document that ends your divorce. This is an extremely complex and technical document that can have devastating consequences if mishandled. This is the order that will control the custody of your children, the terms of support, the division of your property and retirement assets, and the allocation of your debts.

It is ALWAYS preferable to hire an attorney to represent you in the drafting and preparation of your Judgment package, which, as a family law firm, we are always happy to do. However, for those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer for this important step, we offer this service, which provides you with ALL of the necessary documents to enter a Judgment of Dissolution in your case. We take your agreements, and incorporate them in a professionally drafted package to finish your divorce and give you piece of mind. YES, this process is time intensive and complicated, but we've structured this package to offer service and value that ensures your paperwork will be completed promptly with a minimum of time and expense.


We are not a "Paralegal Service" or a "Legal Document Assistance" service. We are a family law firm that knows the ins and outs of family law in California, and our attorneys and staff are highly trained, experienced, and dedicated to serving family law clients. We know of no other family law firm that offers this level of professionalism and quality in document preparation services

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